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'Thick Film Fabrication Workshop 2017' Workshop

Functional Devices Laboratory (FDL), Institute of Advanced Technology (ITMA) UPM has successfully organized a workshop on “Thick Film Fabrication Workshop 2017” on 7th and 8th November 2017 at ITMA, UPM. This workshop was co-organized by IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) Malaysia Chapter, and Khai Lien Silk Screen Suppliers (M) Sdn. Bhd. A total of 25 participants from various faculties and institutes from UPM, UNITEN and KLSS has participated in this workshop.


The first day of the workshop started with a hands-on session of the thick film paste preparation, starting with an introduction on the basics of thick film technology by Mrs. Intan Helina Hasan, research officer in ITMA. Later, the hands-on session was continued with demonstration on the thick film paste preparation in the laboratory. Participants were introduced to the materials needed and the method used to prepare the thick film paste, fabrication process of thick film which utilizes screen printing method, and the firing process of the thick film. The afternoon session of the workshop was continued with a talk on thick film technology applications by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Nizar Hamidon, Director of ITMA. Participants were briefed in details on how thick films are prepared, the fundamental knowledge of thick film and the applications known to be using thick film technology.


On the second day, participants visited Khai Lien Silk Screen (M) Sdn Bhd (KLSS) headquarters in Taman Industri Selaman, Bangi to witness the process of preparing the screen needed for screen printing purpose. The participants were greeted by KLSS team led by Ms Peggy Ng, Marketing Director. Later, Mr Lucas Goh, Assistant Sales Manager, gave a brief introduction on KLSS operations and basics of stencil screen production. After morning break, participants were brought to the production area, where the production team lead by Ms Atiqa Yazid demonstrated the stencil making process. Afterwards, participants were shown the tshirt printing process and other products supplied by KLSS before heading back to ITMA for lunch break. All participants received screen printing starter kit which includes stencil screen and squeegee, and souvenirs such as tshirt and ball pen from KLSS. The afternoon session continued with hands-on session, whereby participants got to try the screen printing process themselves using their own kit and thick film paste prepared the day before.


Overall, the first series of the Thick Film Fabrication Workshop 2017 was considered a success with participants gaining new knowledge on the thick film technology, and the possible research topics that can be initiated from the technology, whether on the materials used to prepare the paste, or on the applications of the thick film. The organizing committee hoped that this workshop can be a good starting point for researchers who wish to incorporate thick film technology in their research in future.

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