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Advanced Course on Response Surface Methodology (RSM)

SERDANG, August 2022 – An advanced course on Response Surface Methodology (RSM) series 2 was held physically on 24-25 August 2022 at Dewan Seminar, Institut Nanosains dan Nanoteknologi (ION2). The course was organized by Nanotechnology Processing and Technology Laboratory (NPTL), ION2.

RSM is a technique incorporating both mathematical and statistical concepts to develop an empirical model, improve and optimize process parameters, and identify interactions among key factors in experiments. There were some other statistical experimental development tools such as Completed Randomized Design (CRD), Two Level Factorial Design, Fractional Factorial Design dan Taguchi Method. These methods are widely used in experimental development for process optimization of nanotechnology research.

The first RSM series 1 on the introduction of RSM was held on 13th April 2022 virtually and received a massive, good response from the audience with a total of 138 attendees. Based on the responses from RSM series 1, there was a need to organize the next course focusing in depth on the technical dan practicals of RSM for research. This is the main motivation for NPTL to fill in the gap and offer opportunities for any interested participants to elevate their knowledge for learning and research activities.

The RSM series 2 with a theme of process optimization was held for one and a half days and attended by 16 participants from UPM and agencies outside UPM. The course discussed important aspects of building and developing experimental designs and how to optimize the process afterward. The speaker also discussed the types of factors, levels, and blocking that needed to be considered in the design.

Participants were exposed to hands-on experimental design using Minitab software during the course. The course was facilitated by Ts. Dr. Mohd Salahuddin Mohd Basri, Senior Lecturer of Faculty of Engineering, UPM.


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Juraina Md Yusof
Research Officer, NPTL

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