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Cross-Cultural Knowledge Exchange: Shinshu University Visits ION2

SERDANG, August 2023- The Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ION2) welcomed six undergraduate students from Shinshu University, Japan, for an immersive study tour on August 30, 2023. This one-day program, supervised by Prof. Dr. Norhisam Misron, associate researcher at ION2, is tailored for students from diverse academic backgrounds, encompassing mechanical engineering, civil engineering, materials chemical engineering, and computer science disciplines.

The morning session commences with a visit and delves into an array of cutting-edge material characterization tools at ION2. They were introduced to high-end equipment such as the Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM), X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), and Raman Spectroscopy. Ms. Roslina Abdul Rashid and Ms. Sarinawani Abdul Ghani expertly elucidated the significance of these tools in the realm of nanoscience and nanomaterials research, fostering a deeper understanding among the participants.

In the afternoon, an engaging knowledge-sharing session was held, facilitating a cultural exchange between the students of ION2 and Shinshu University. PhD candidates from ION2, Balkis Hazmi and Suleiman Babani, offered unique perspectives on the educational systems in Malaysia and Nigeria. Additionally, they guided the visiting Shinshu University students through the research facilities, providing insights into their ongoing research endeavors and fostering an environment of collaborative learning.

This collaborative initiative continues to strengthen international ties, fostering a rich exchange of knowledge and experiences among budding scientists from different corners of the globe. Such initiatives are pivotal in promoting cross-cultural understanding and advancing scientific frontiers on a global scale.


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Siti Nur Lidiya Sharudin
Executive Officer, ION2

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