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ITMA Share its Printed Circuit Fabrication Technology

SERDANG, 12 Nov - The Institute of Advanced Technology (ITMA) shared about printed circuit technology in a recent workshop, ''Thick Film Fabrication Workshop 2019 (TFFW2019)".

This technology is made using organic paste; produced by the ITMA research group which led by the Director, Prof. Dr. Mohd Nizar Hamidon.

The two-day workshop covered lectures and produced printed circuits at Functional Device Labs.

Participants also had the opportunity to learn the testing techniques for the produced circuit using the high-tech equipment available at ITMA and went to Khai Lien Silk Screen Suppliers (M) Sdn. Bhd. to see by themselves the manufacturing of stencils used for printing circuits or any design according to applications on the substrate, either circuit board, plastic film or paper.


Prof. Nizar said, "we hope that the introduced technology can be used by researchers who want to utilize the fabrication technology using paste, as we find that this technology has tremendous potential for use in other applications, such as antennas, gas sensors and other electronic components".

The workshop concluded with the presentation of a certificate of participation to all participants.



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