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List of journal publications 2022

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1 Saikia K., Rajkumari K., Moyon N.S., Basumatary S., Halder G., Rashid U., Rokhum S.L. Sulphonated biomass-based catalyst for solketal synthesis by acetalization of glycerol – A byproduct of biodiesel production Fuel Processing Technology
2 Wahab S.A.A., Matori K.A., Aziz S.H.A., Zaid M.H.M., Kechik M.M.A., Ibrahim I.R., Khiri M.Z.A., Effendy N., Bakar M.N.A. Structural, optical, and dielectric properties of Co2+: Zn2SiO4 glass-ceramics for blue phosphor used in optoelectronic devices Journal of Alloys and Compounds
3 Loh Z.W., Mohd Zaid M.H., Awang Kechik M.M., Fen Y.W., Yaakob Y., Hilmi Mayzan M.Z., Liza S., Cheong W.M. Effect of CaF2/P2O5 ratios on physical and mechanical properties of novel CaO–Na2O–B2O3–SiO2 glasses Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
4 Saifullah B., Arulselvan P., Fakurazi S., Webster T.J., Bullo N., Hussein M.Z., El Zowalaty M.E. Development of a novel anti-tuberculosis nanodelivery formulation using magnesium layered hydroxide as the nanocarrier and pyrazinamide as a model drug Scientific Reports
5 Yusof N.S., Mohamed M.F.P., Ghazali N.A., Khan M.F.A.J., Shaari S., Mohtar M.N. Evolution of solution-based organic thin-film transistor for healthcare monitoring– from device to circuit integration: A review Alexandria Engineering Journal
6 Chai K.L., Aung M.M., Noor I.M., Lim H.N., Abdullah L.C. Observation of ionic conductivity on PUA-TBAI-I2 gel polymer electrolyte Scientific Reports
7 Fauzi N.I.M., Fen Y.W., Eddin F.B.K., Daniyal W.M.E.M.M. Structural and Optical Properties of Graphene Quantum Dots−Polyvinyl Alcohol Composite Thin Film and Its Potential in Plasmonic Sensing of Carbaryl Nanomaterials
8 Chauhdary Y., Hanif M.A., Rashid U., Bhatti I.A., Anwar H., Jamil Y., Alharthi F.A., Kazerooni E.A. Effective Removal of Reactive and Direct Dyes from Colored Wastewater Using Low-Cost Novel Bentonite Nanocomposites Water (Switzerland)
9 Yunus M.H., Yusof N.A., Abdullah J., Sulaiman Y., Ahmad Raston N.H., Md Noor S.S. Simultaneous Amperometric Aptasensor Based on Diazonium Grafted Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode for Detection of CFP10 and MPT64 Biomarkers for Early Tuberculosis Diagnosis Biosensors
10 Perumal D., Albert E.L., Saad N., Hin T.Y.Y., Zawawi R.M., Teh H.F., Che Abdullah C.A. Fabrication and Characterization of Clinacanthus nutans Mediated Reduced Graphene Oxide Using a Green Approach Crystals
11 Gouda S.P., H. Anal J.M., Kumar P., Dhakshinamoorthy A., Rashid U., Rokhum S.L. Microwave-Assisted Biodiesel Production Using UiO-66 MOF Derived Nanocatalyst: Process Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology Catalysts
12 Wahab R.A.A., Zaid M.H.M., Matori K.A., Kamari H.M., Sarmani A.R., Loh Z.W., Cheong W.M., Honda S., Iwamoto Y. Tunable white emission from scintillated zinc borosilicate doped with dysprosium oxide and incorporated with bio-silica from rice husk Optik
13 Abdullah M.H., Adilah M.S., Noorsal E., Azurahanim C.A.C., Mamat M.H., Ahmad M.K., Banu I.B.S., Rusop M. Synergistic effect of complementary organic dye co-sensitizers for potential panchromatic light-harvesting of dye-sensitized solar cells Optical Materials
14 Effendy N., Zaid M.H.M., Matori K.A., Iskandar S.M., Hisam R., Azlan M.N., Yusof N.N., Zakaly H.M.H., Issa S.A.M., Saddeek Y.B. Fabrication of novel BaO–Al2O3–Bi2O3–B2O3 glass system: Comprehensive study on elastic, mechanical and shielding properties Progress in Nuclear Energy
15 Tan T.L., Somat H.B.A., Latif M.A.B.M., Rashid S.A. One-pot solvothermal synthesis of Zr-based MOFs with enhanced adsorption capacity for Cu2+ ions removal Journal of Solid State Chemistry
16 Jamilan M.A., Abdullah J., Alang Ahmad S.A., Md Noh M.F. Enhanced electrochemical detection of iodide at a reduced graphene oxide–modified carbon electrode in iodized salts Food Chemistry
17 Alhaji I.A., Abbas Z., Mohd Zaid M.H., Zainuddin N., Khamis A.M., Lakin I.I. Dielectric/thermal characteristics of recycled borosilicate glass-filled polytetrafluoroethylene Materials Chemistry and Physics
18 Khoja A.H., Javed A.H., Naqvi S.R., Shakir S., Ud Din I., Arshad Z., Rashid U., Qazi U.Y., Naeem N. Partial Oxidation of Methane over CaO Decorated TiO2 Nanocatalyst for Syngas Production in a Fixed Bed Reactor Catalysts
19 Sami H.Q.U.A., Hanif M.A., Rashid U., Nisar S., Bhatti I.A., Rokhum S.L., Tsubota T., Alsalme A. Environmentally Safe Magnetic Nanocatalyst for the Production of Biodiesel from Pongamia pinnata Oil Catalysts
20 Hazmi B., Beygisangchin M., Rashid U., Mokhtar W.N.A.W., Tsubota T., Alsalme A., Ngamcharussrivichai C. Glycerol-Based Retrievable Heterogeneous Catalysts for Single-Pot Esterification of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate to Biodiesel Molecules
21 Hapipi N.M., Chen S.K., Shaari A.H., Kechik M.M.A., Lim K.P., Tan K.B., Lee O.J., Miryala M. Excess Mg in situ powder addition for enhancing critical current density of ex situ MgB2 Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing
22 Loh Z.W., Cheong W.M., Zaid M.H.M., Kechik M.M.A., Fen Y.W., Mayzan M.Z.H., Yaakob Y., Liza S. Development of fluoride-containing glass–ceramics using eggshells waste as calcium source Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing
23 Cheong W.M., Zaid M.H.M., Matori K.A., Fen Y.W., Tee T.S., Loh Z.W., Schmid S. Structural, elastic and mechanical analysis of samarium doped zinc-borosilicate glass


24 Daud A.D., Lim H.N., Ibrahim I., Endot N.A., Gowthaman N.S.K., Jiang Z.T., Cordova K.E. An effective metal-organic framework-based electrochemical non-enzymatic glucose sensor Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
25 Abu Bakar N., Wan Ibrahim W.N., Che Abdullah C.A., Ramlan N.F., Shaari K., Shohaimi S., Mediani A., Nasruddin N.S., Kim C.-H., Mohd Faudzi S.M. Embryonic Arsenic Exposure Triggers Long-Term Behavioral Impairment with Metabolite Alterations in Zebrafish Toxics
26 Javed I., Hanif M.A., Rashid U., Nadeem F., Alharthi F.A., Kazerooni E.A. Enhancing Functionalities in Nanocomposites for Effective Dye Removal from Wastewater: Isothermal, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Aspects Water (Switzerland)
27 Amali R.K.A., Lim H.N., Ibrahim I., Zainal Z., Ahmad S.A.A. A copper-based metal–organic framework decorated with electrodeposited Fe2O3 nanoparticles for electrochemical nitrite sensing Microchimica Acta
28 Beygisangchin M., Rashid S.A., Lim H.N., Shafie S., Sadrolhosseini A.R. Effect of toluene-4-sulfonic acid monohydrate concentrations on properties of polyaniline for pyrene detection via photoluminescence spectroscopy Optical Materials
29 Mohd Hir Z.A., Abdullah A.H. Hybrid polymer-based photocatalytic materials for the removal of selected endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) from aqueous media: A review Journal of Molecular Liquids
30 Nazihah Ismail N.A., Mohd Zaid M.H., Matori K.A., Fen Y.W., Fadhilah Zalamin S.N., Mohamad Yamin N.A. Enlightening the structural, elastic, and luminescence properties of transparent Zn2SiO4 glass-ceramic by precipitation of Gd2O3 as dopant Optical Materials
31 Mustapha Kamil Y., Al-Rekabi S.H., Abu Bakar M.H., Fen Y.W., Mohammed H.A., Mohamed Halip N.H., Alresheedi M.T., Mahdi M.A. Arsenic Detection Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor With Hydrous Ferric Oxide Layer Photonic Sensors
32 Aminatun, Huriah R., Hikmawati D., Hadi S., Amrillah T., Abdullah C.A.C. Nanofiber Scaffold Based on Polylactic Acid-Polycaprolactone for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Polymers
33 Kamari A., Yusoff S.N.M., Wong S.T.S., Yusof N., Othman H., Hussein M.Z., Phillip E. Development of Anti-Mosquito Spray Formulation Based on Lipid-Core Nanocapsules Loaded with Cinnamaldehyde for Fabrics Application Fibers and Polymers
34 Kazerooni E.A., Maharachchikumbura S.S.N., Al-Sadi A.M., Rashid U., Kang S.-M., Lee I.-J. Actinomucor elegans and Podospora bulbillosa Positively Improves Endurance to Water Deficit and Salinity Stresses in Tomato Plants Journal of Fungi
35 Hazmi B., Rashid U., Kawi S., Mokhtar W.N.A.W., Ahangar F.A., Yaw T.C.S., Tsubota T., Alharthi F.A., Ngamcharussrivichai C. A Heterogeneous Bifunctional Carbon Nanocatalyst from Plastic Waste to Efficiently Catalyze Waste Cooking Oil into Biodiesel Catalysts
36 Inam S., Hanif M.A., Rashid U., Nadeem F., Alharthi F.A., Kazerooni E.A. The Novel Approach of Catalytic Interesterification, Hydrolysis and Transesterification of Pongamia pinnata Oil Catalysts
37 Abd Rahman S.F., Yusof N.A., Md Arshad M.K., Hashim U., Md Nor M.N., Hamidon M.N. Fabrication of Silicon Nanowire Sensors for Highly Sensitive pH and DNA Hybridization Detection Nanomaterials
38 Yunus M.H., Yusof N.A., Ismail S., Md Noor S.S., Mohammad F., Sulaiman Y., Ahmad Raston N.H., Abdullah J., Soleiman A.A. Surface-Enhanced Carboxyphenyl Diazonium Functionalized Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode for the Screening of Tuberculosis in Sputum Samples Nanomaterials
39 Kazerooni E.A., Maharachchikumbura S.S.N., Al-Sadi A.M., Rashid U., Kim I.-D., Kang S.-M., Lee I.-J. Effects of the Rhizosphere Fungus Cunninghamella bertholletiae on the Solanum lycopersicum Response to Diverse Abiotic Stresses International Journal of Molecular Sciences
40 Yu T., Zhao Z., Jiang H., Weng Z., Fang Y., Liu C., Lei W., Shafe S.B., Mohtar M.N. A low-power memristor based on 2H–MoTe2 nanosheets with synaptic plasticity and arithmetic functions Materials Today Nano
41 Amali R.K.A., Lim H.N., Ibrahim I., Zainal Z., Ahmad S.A.A. Silver nanoparticles-loaded copper (II)-terephthalate framework nanocomposite as a screen-printed carbon electrode modifier for amperometric nitrate detection Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
42 Murad A., Liew J.Y.C., Yaacob M.H., Noor I.M., Osman N.H., Kamarudin M.A., Tan S.T., Lee H.K., Talib Z.A., Alresheedi M.T., Mahdi M.A. Effect of nickel ion concentration on structural, optical and electrical properties towards Ni–H3BTC-MOF formation for nonlinear saturable absorption phenomenon Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
43 Omar N.A.S., Fen Y.W., Irmawati R., Hashim H.S., Ramdzan N.S.M., Fauzi N.I.M. A Review on Carbon Dots: Synthesis, Characterization and Its Application in Optical Sensor for Environmental Monitoring Nanomaterials
44 Abu Hassan Shaari H., Ramli M.M., Abdullah M.M.A.B., Mohtar M.N., Abdul Rahman N., Ahmad A., Osman N.H., Rusydi F. Effects of Polymerization Time towards Conductivity and Properties of Poly(methyl methacrylate)/Polyaniline (PMMA/PANi) Copolymer Sustainability (Switzerland)
45 Abdullah S.N.S., Subramaniam K.A., Muhamad Zamani Z.H., Sarchio S.N.E., Md Yasin F., Shamsi S. Biocompatibility Study of Curcumin-Loaded Pluronic F127 Nanoformulation (NanoCUR) against the Embryonic Development of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Molecules
46 Aliyu M., Abdullah A.H., Tahir M.I.B.M. Adsorption tetracycline from aqueous solution using a novel polymeric adsorbent derived from the rubber waste Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
47 Ashfaq A., Nadeem R., Gong H., Rashid U., Noreen S., Rehman S.U., Ahmed Z., Adil M., Akhtar N., Ashfaq M.Z., Alharthi F.A., Kazerooni E.A. Fabrication of Novel Agrowaste (Banana and Potato Peels)-Based Biochar/TiO2 Nanocomposite for Adsorption of Cr(VI), Statistical Optimization via RSM Approach Polymers
48 Aziz S.F.N.A., Salleh A.B., Ashari S.E., Normi Y.M., Yusof N.A., Ahmad S.A.A. Designed Mini Protein 20 Mimicking Uricase Encapsulated in ZIF-8 as Nanozyme Biosensor for Uric Acid Detection Nanomaterials
49 Mohd Chachuli S.A., Hamidon M.N., Ertugrul M., Mamat M.S., Coban O., Shamsudin N.H. Comparative analysis of hydrogen sensing based on treated-TiO2 in thick film gas sensor Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing
50 Singh S., Zuber M., Hamidon M.N., Mazlan N., Basri A.A., Ahmad K.A. Classification of actuation mechanism designs with structural block diagrams for flapping-wing drones: A comprehensive review Progress in Aerospace Sciences
51 Hisham N.A.N., Zaid M.H.M., Matori K.A., Shabdin M.K. Effect of ark clam shell on crystal growth and mechanical evaluation of foam glass-ceramic derived from cullet glass waste Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology
52 Javed M.U., Mukhtar H., Hayat M.T., Rashid U., Mumtaz M.W., Ngamcharussrivichai C. Sustainable processing of algal biomass for a comprehensive biorefinery Journal of Biotechnology
53 Kazerooni E.A., Al-Sadi A.M., Rashid U., Kim I.-D., Kang S.-M., Lee I.-J. Salvianolic Acid Modulates Physiological Responses and Stress-Related Genes That Affect Osmotic Stress Tolerance in Glycine max and Zea mays Frontiers in Plant Science
54 Kamal N.A.M.A., Abdulmalek E., Fakurazi S., Cordova K.E., Abdul Rahman M.B. Dissolution and Biological Assessment of Cancer-Targeting Nano-ZIF-8 in Zebrafish Embryos ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering
55 Zhao J., Wang X., Xu Y., Pan Y., Li Y., Chen J., Li Q., Zhang X., Zhu Z., Zhao Z., Elemike E.E., Onwudiwe D.C., Bae B.S., Shafie S.B., Lei W. Electrically Modulated Near-Infrared/Visible Light Dual-Mode Perovskite Photodetectors ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
56 Geidam I.G., Matori K.A., Halimah M.K., Chan K.T., Muhammad F.D., Ishak M., Umar S.A. Oxide ion polarizabilities and gamma radiation shielding features of TeO2–B2O3–SiO2 glasses containing Bi2O3 using Phy-X/PSD software Materials Today Communications
57 Eddin F.B.K., Fen Y.W., Fauzi N.I.M., Daniyal W.M.E.M.M., Omar N.A.S., Anuar M.F., Hashim H.S., Sadrolhosseini A.R., Abdullah H. Direct and Sensitive Detection of Dopamine Using Carbon Quantum Dots Based Refractive Index Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Nanomaterials
58 Mohidem N.A., Hashim N., Shamsudin R., Man H.C. Rice for Food Security: Revisiting Its Production, Diversity, Rice Milling Process and Nutrient Content Agriculture (Switzerland)
59 Gunasena M.T., Rafi A., Zobir S.A.M., Hussein M.Z., Ali A., Kutawa A.B., Wahab M.A.A., Sulaiman M.R., Adzmi F., Ahmad K. Phytochemicals Profiling, Antimicrobial Activity and Mechanism of Action of Essential Oil Extracted from Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe cv. Bentong) against Burkholderia glumae Causative Agent of Bacterial Panicle Blight Disease of Rice Plants
60 Hazmi B., Rashid U., Kawi S., Mokhtar W.N.A.W., Yaw T.C.S., Moser B.R., Alsalme A. Palm fatty acid distillate esterification using synthesized heterogeneous sulfonated carbon catalyst from plastic waste: Characterization, catalytic efficacy and stability, and fuel properties Process Safety and Environmental Protection
61 Luo M., Yan S., Wei C., Xue L., Liu C., Fayemi O.E., Bae B.S., Shafie S.B., Xiao M., Li Q., Zhao Z., Wu J., Lei W., Zhang X. Engineering the Morphology and Component via Multistep Deposition of CsPbBr3 Films toward High Detectivity and Stable Self-Powered Photodetectors Advanced Materials Interfaces
62 Sarmast Sh M., George S., Dayang Radiah C.A.B., Hoey D., Abdullah N., Kamarudin S. Synthesis of bioactive glass using cellulose nano fibre template Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
63 Ibrahim N.A., Rashid U., Hazmi B., Moser B.R., Alharthi F.A., Rokhum S.L., Ngamcharussrivichai C. Biodiesel production from waste cooking oil using magnetic bifunctional calcium and iron oxide nanocatalysts derived from empty fruit bunch Fuel
64 Lim P.T., Azman N.H.N., Kulandaivalu S., Sulaiman Y. Three-dimensional network of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/nanocrystalline cellulose/cobalt oxide for supercapacitor Polymer
65 Mustafa I.F., Hussein M.Z., Idris A.S., Hilmi N.H.Z., Ramli N.R., Fakurazi S. The effect of surfactant type on the physico-chemical properties of hexaconazole/dazomet-micelle nanodelivery system and its biofungicidal activity against Ganoderma boninense Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
66 Muhamad Fauzi N.I., Fen Y.W., Abdullah J., Kamarudin M.A., Sheh Omar N.A., Kamal Eddin F.B., Md Ramdzan N.S., Mohd Daniyal W.M.E.M. Evaluation of Structural and Optical Properties of Graphene Oxide-Polyvinyl Alcohol Thin Film and Its Potential for Pesticide Detection Using an Optical Method Photonics
67 Alsultan A.G., Asikin-Mijan N., Obeas L.K., Islam A., Mansir N., Teo S.H., Razali S.Z., Nassar M.F., Mohamad S., Taufiq-Yap Y.H. Selective Deoxygenation of Sludge Palm Oil into Diesel Range Fuel over Mn-Mo Supported on Activated Carbon Catalyst Catalysts
68 Kusnin N., Yusof N.A., Mutalib N.A.A., Mohammad F., Abdullah J., Sabri S., Mustafa S., Saman A.F.M., Faudzi F.N.M., Soleiman A.A. Enhanced Electrochemical Conductivity of Surface-Coated Gold Nanoparticles/Copper Nanowires onto Screen-Printed Gold Electrode Coatings
69 Nabilah Azman N.H., Sulaiman Y. Supercapattery performance of carbon nanofibers decorated with poly(3,4-ethlenedioxythiophene) and cobalt oxide Ceramics International
70 Azmi Z.H., Mohd Aris S.N., Abubakar S., Sagadevan S., Siburian R., Paiman S. Effect of Seed Layer on the Growth of Zinc Oxide Nanowires by Chemical Bath Deposition Method Coatings
71 Mohd Hashim A.H., Azis N., Jasni J., Mohd Radzi M.A., Kozako M., Kamarol Mohd Jamil M., Yaakub Z. Partial Discharge Localization in Oil Through Acoustic Emission Technique Utilizing Fuzzy Logic IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation
72 Effendy N., Zaid M.H.M., Sidek H.A.A., Halimah M.K., Shabdin M.K., Yusof K.A., Mayzan M.Z.H. The elastic, mechanical and optical properties of bismuth modified borate glass: Experimental and artificial neural network simulation Optical Materials
73 Shabbir A., Mukhtar H., Mumtaz M.W., Rashid U., Abbas G., Moser B.R., Alsalme A., Touqeer T., Ngamcharussrivichai C. Lewatit-immobilized lipase from Bacillus pumilus as a new catalyst for biodiesel production from tallow: Response surface optimization, fuel properties and exhaust emissions Process Safety and Environmental Protection
74 Mohanadas D., Azman N.H.N., Sulaiman Y. A bifunctional asymmetric electrochromic supercapacitor with multicolor property based on nickel oxide/vanadium oxide/reduced graphene oxide Journal of Energy Storage
75 Fadhilah Zalamin S.N., Mohd Zaid M.H., Matori K.A., Abdul Karim M.K., Mohamad Yamin N.A., Nazihah Ismail N.A. Comprehensive study on optical and luminescence properties of Sm3+ doped magnesium borotellurite glasses Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
76 Fang Y., Zhao Z., Weng Z., Zhu M., Lei W., Zhu Z., Shafie S.B., Mohtar M.N. Variation in the Optical Properties of Carbon Dots Fabricated by a Green and Facile Strategy for Solar-Blind UV Detection Journal of Physical Chemistry C
77 Ismail I., Muhammad Zulkimi M.M., Azis R.S., Mustaffa M.S., Hamidon M.N., Ertugrul M., Yesilbag Y.O., Tuzluca F.N., Hasan I.H., Ozturk G., Hasar U.C. Effect of Mn and Zn doping on natural resonance frequency of strontium U-type hexaferrite and its performance as electromagnetic wave absorbers Journal of Alloys and Compounds
78 Halim N.D., Zaini M.S., Talib Z.A., Liew J.Y.C., Kamarudin M.A. Study of the Electron-Phonon Coupling in PbS/MnTe Quantum Dots Based on Temperature-Dependent Photoluminescence Micromachines
79 Ismail A.H., Yaacob M.H., Mahdi M.A., Sulaiman Y. Influence of HKUST-1 and emeraldine based on the long-term stability of emeraldine salt-coated SP-POF for room temperature optical NH3 gas sensing Sensors and Actuators A: Physical
80 Mohanadas D., Sulaiman Y. Recent advances in development of electroactive composite materials for electrochromic and supercapacitor applications Journal of Power Sources
81 Nasir H.M., Wee S.Y., Aris A.Z., Abdullah L.C., Ismail I. Processing of natural fibre and method improvement for removal of endocrine-disrupting compounds Chemosphere
82 Nasir H.M., Aris A.Z., Abdullah L.C., Ismail I. Facile fabrication and characterization of kenaf core as natural biochar for the highly efficient removal of selected endocrine-disrupting compounds Environmental Geochemistry and Health
83 Abdulhameed A., Halin I.A., Mohtar M.N., Hamidon M.N. Optimization of Surfactant Concentration in Carbon Nanotube Solutions for Dielectrophoretic Ceiling Assembly and Alignment: Implications for Transparent Electronics ACS Omega
84 Baby R., Hussein M.Z., Abdullah A.H., Zainal Z. Nanomaterials for the Treatment of Heavy Metal Contaminated Water Polymers
85 Kamal I., Razak H.R.A., Karim M.K.A., Mashohor S., Liew J.Y.C., Low Y.J., Zaaba N.A., Norkhairunnisa M., Rafi N.A.S.M. Mechanical and Imaging Properties of a Clinical-Grade Kidney Phantom Based on Polydimethylsiloxane and Elastomer Polymers
86 Apandi N.A., Ibrahim N., Awang Z., Azis R.S., Syazwan M.M., Yahya A.K. Effect of Fe substituted on the monovalent La0.85Ag0.15Mn1-xFexO3 doped manganites: Their electromagnetic and microwave properties Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology
87 Abdulhameed A., Mohtar M.N., Hamidon M.N., Halin I.A. Assembly of long carbon nanotube bridges across transparent electrodes using novel thickness-controlled dielectrophoresis Electrophoresis
88 Abdulkareem-Alsultan G., Asikin-Mijan N., Obeas L.K., Yunus R., Razali S.Z., Islam A., Hin Taufiq-Yap Y. In-situ operando and ex-situ study on light hydrocarbon-like-diesel and catalyst deactivation kinetic and mechanism study during deoxygenation of sludge oil Chemical Engineering Journal
89 Mohanadas D., Zainudin N.I.A., Sulaiman Y. A copper-based metal-organic framework/tungsten trioxide with improved coloration efficiency for electrochromic application Chemical Engineering Journal
90 Harussani M.M., Sapuan S.M., Rashid U., Khalina A., Ilyas R.A. Pyrolysis of polypropylene plastic waste into carbonaceous char: Priority of plastic waste management amidst COVID-19 pandemic Science of the Total Environment
91 Islam A., Roy S., Teo S.H., Khandaker S., Taufiq-Yap Y.H., Aziz A.A., Monir M.U., Rashid U., Vo D.-V.N., Ibrahim M.L., Znad H., Awual M.R. Functional novel ligand based palladium(II) separation and recovery from e-waste using solvent-ligand approach Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
92 Shamsi S., Abdul Ghafor A.A.H., Norjoshukrudin N.H., Ng I.M.J., Abdullah S.N.S., Sarchio S.N.E., Md Yasin F., Abd Gani S., Mohd Desa M.N. Stability, Toxicity, and Antibacterial Potential of Gallic Acid-Loaded Graphene Oxide (GAGO) Against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Strains International journal of nanomedicine
93 Rashid U., Hazmi B., Abdullah R.F., Ibrahim S.F., Alsalme A., Tsubota T. Physicochemical Properties of Waste Palm-Based Catalysts Synthesized from Pyrolyzed and Hydrothermalized Chars for Biodiesel Production Topics in Catalysis
94 Katibi K.K., Md Yunos K.F., Man H.C., Aris A.Z., Nor M.Z.M., Azis R.S. Influence of Functionalized Hematite Nanoparticles as a Reinforcer for Composite PVDF-PEG Membrane for BPF Rejection: Permeability and Anti-fouling Studies Journal of Polymers and the Environment
95 Yuwono L.A., Siswanto, Sari M., Yusuf Y., Suciati T., Sari Y.W., Che Abdullah C.A., Aminatun Fabrication and characterization of hydroxyapatite-polycaprolactone-collagen bone scaffold by electrospun nanofiber International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials
96 Wong S.T.S., Kamari A., Yusoff S.N.M., Hussein M.Z., Othman H., Ali N.M., Phillip E. Gellan gum and pectin-functionalised magnetic graphene oxide nanocomposites as nanocarriers for permethrin to control mosquito larvae Polymer Bulletin
97 Khalil M., Hanif M.A., Rashid U., Ahmad J., Alsalme A., Tsubota T. Low-cost novel nano-constructed granite composites for removal of hazardous Terasil dye from wastewater Environmental Science and Pollution Research
98 Alhothali A., Khurshid H., Mustafa M.R.U., Moria K.M., Rashid U., Bamasag O.O. Evaluation of Contemporary Computational Techniques to Optimize Adsorption Process for Simultaneous Removal of COD and TOC in Wastewater Adsorption Science and Technology
99 Shapii R.A., Othman S.H., Basha R.K., Naim M.N. Mechanical, thermal, and barrier properties of starch films incorporated with chitosan nanoparticles Nanotechnology Reviews
100 Ibrahim S.A., Abdul Rahman N., Yaacob M.H., Abu Bakar M.H., Mohamad F.S., Mohd Yahya N.A., Md. Yusoff N., Mahdi M.A. Self-assembled polyaniline nanostructures in situ deposited on silica optical fibers for ammonia gas sensing Synthetic Metals
101 Naganthran A., Verasoundarapandian G., Khalid F.E., Masarudin M.J., Zulkharnain A., Nawawi N.M., Karim M., Abdullah C.A.C., Ahmad S.A. Synthesis, Characterization and Biomedical Application of Silver Nanoparticles Materials
102 Yamin N.A.M., Zaid M.H.M., Matori K.A., Chyi J.L.Y., Zalamin S.N.F., Ismail N.A.N., Chan K.F., Effendy N. Effect of calcium oxide in the zinc-boro-soda-lime-silica glass matrix by using eggshell waste as calcium source Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing
103 Effendy N., Sidek H.A.A., Halimah M.K., Iskandar S.M., Azlan M.N., Hisam R., Zaid M.H.M. Ultrasonic and mechanical properties of binary zinc-borate glasses using artificial neural networks simulation Chinese Journal of Physics
104 Murthy A.S., Azis N., Jasni J., Othman M.L., Yousof M.F.M., Martin D., Talib M.A. Investigation of the impact of a standard lightning impulse on the structure of an 11/0.415 kV distribution transformer Electric Power Systems Research
105 Abdullah R.F., Rashid U., Hazmi B., Ibrahim M.L., Tsubota T., Alharthi F.A. Potential heterogeneous nano-catalyst via integrating hydrothermal carbonization for biodiesel production using waste cooking oil Chemosphere
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