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PUBLICATIONS 2020 (Q1 & Q2) 

1 Bahrudin N.N., Nawi M.A., Zainal Z. Insight into the synergistic photocatalytic-adsorptive removal of methyl orange dye using TiO2/chitosan based photocatalyst International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
2 Sadrolhosseini A.R., Krishnan G., Shafie S., Abdul Rashid S., Wadi Harun S. Optical and Photoacoustic Properties of Laser-Ablated Silver Nanoparticles in a Carbon Dots Solution Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)
3 Ebadi M., Bullo S., Buskara K., Hussein M.Z., Fakurazi S., Pastorin G. Release of a liver anticancer drug, sorafenib from its PVA/LDH- and PEG/LDH-coated iron oxide nanoparticles for drug delivery applications Scientific reports
4 Zaini M.S., Liew J.Y.C., Alang Ahmad S.A., Mohmad A.R., Ahmad Kamarudin M. Photoluminescence Investigation of Carrier Localization in Colloidal PbS and PbS/MnS Quantum Dots ACS Omega
5 Nicholas A.F., Hussein M.Z., Zainal Z., Khadiran T. The effect of surface area on the properties of shape-stabilized phase change material prepared using palm kernel shell activated carbon Scientific Reports
6 Misron N., Saini L.M., Aris I., Vaithilingam C.A., Tsuyoshi H. Simplified design of magnetic gear by considering the maximum transmission torque line Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
7 Maluin F.N., Hussein M.Z., Yusof N.A., Fakurazi S., Maznah Z., Idris A.S., Hilmi N.H.Z., Daim L.D.J. Residual analysis of chitosan-based agronanofungicides as a sustainable alternative in oil palm disease management Scientific Reports
8 Al-Obaidi M.R., Hasan W.Z.W., Mustafa M.A., Azis N. Charging platform of chess-pad configuration for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
9 Tan J.M., Bullo S., Fakurazi S., Hussein M.Z. Preparation, characterisation and biological evaluation of biopolymer-coated multi-walled carbon nanotubes for sustained-delivery of silibinin Scientific Reports
10 Ibrahim I.R., Matori K.A., Ismail I., Awang Z., Rusly S.N.A., Nazlan R., Mohd Idris F., Muhammad Zulkimi M.M., Abdullah N.H., Mustaffa M.S., Shafiee F.N., Ertugrul M. A Study on Microwave Absorption Properties of Carbon Black and Ni0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4 Nanocomposites by Tuning the Matching-Absorbing Layer Structures Scientific Reports
11 Wahab R.A.A., Zaid M.H.M., Ab Aziz S.H., Matori K.A., Fen Y.W., Yaakob Y. Effects of sintering temperature variation on synthesis of glass-ceramic phosphor using rice husk ash as silica source Materials
12 Awaludin N., Abdullah J., Salam F., Ramachandran K., Yusof N.A., Wasoh H. Fluorescence-based immunoassay for the detection of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae in rice leaf Analytical Biochemistry
13 Omar N.A.S., Fen Y.W., Abdullah J., Mustapha Kamil Y., Daniyal W.M.E.M.M., Sadrolhosseini A.R., Mahdi M.A. Sensitive Detection of Dengue Virus Type 2 E-Proteins Signals Using Self-Assembled Monolayers/Reduced Graphene Oxide-PAMAM Dendrimer Thin Film-SPR Optical Sensor Scientific Reports
14 Mustafa M.N., Sulaiman Y. Fully flexible dye-sensitized solar cells photoanode modified with titanium dioxide-graphene quantum dot light scattering layer Solar Energy
15 Arul P., Huang S.-T., Gowthaman N.S.K., Govindasamy M., Jeromiyas N. Surfactant-free solvothermal synthesis of Cu-MOF via protonation-deprotonation approach: A morphological dependent electrocatalytic activity for therapeutic drugs Microchimica Acta
16 Al-Zahrani A.A., Zainal Z., Talib Z.A., Lim H.N., Holi A.M., Bahrudin N.N. Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of Bi2S3/Ag2S/ZnO novel ternary heterostructure nanorods Arabian Journal of Chemistry
17 Aziz N.A.M., Yunus R., Hamid H.A., Ghassan A.A.K., Omar R., Rashid U., Abbas Z. An acceleration of microwave-assisted transesterification of palm oil-based methyl ester into trimethylolpropane ester Scientific Reports
18 Nisar J., Ali F., Malana M.A., Ali G., Iqbal M., Shah A., Bhatti I.A., Khan T.A., Rashid U. Kinetics of the pyrolysis of cobalt-impregnated sesame stalk biomass Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
19 Sinduja B., Gowthaman N.S.K., John S.A. Fabrication of low-cost sustainable electrocatalyst: A diagnostic tool for multifunctional disorders in human fluids Journal of Materials Chemistry B
20 Choo T.F., Salleh M.A.M., Kok K.Y., Matori K.A., Rashid S.A. A study on the utilization of coal fly ash derived grog in clay ceramics Materials
21 Ebadi M., Buskaran K., Bullo S., Hussein M.Z., Fakurazi S., Pastorin G. Synthesis and cytotoxicity study of magnetite nanoparticles coated with polyethylene glycol and sorafenib–zinc/aluminium layered double hydroxide Polymers
22 Basri M.S.M., Mustapha F., Mazlan N., Ishak M.R. Optimization of adhesion strength and microstructure properties by using response surface methodology in enhancing the rice husk ash-based geopolymer composite coating Polymers
23 Umair M., Azis N., Halis R., Jasni J. Investigation of kenaf paper in the presence of pva for transformers application Materials
24 Jindapon W., Ashokkumar V., Rashid U., Rojviriya C., Pakawanit P., Ngamcharussrivichai C. Production of biodiesel over waste seashell-derived active and stable extrudate catalysts in a fixed-bed reactor Environmental Technology and Innovation
25 Soltani S., Khanian N., Shean Yaw Choong T., Rashid U., Arbi Nehdi I., Mohamed Alobre M. PEG-assisted microwave hydrothermal growth of spherical mesoporous Zn-based mixed metal oxide nanocrystalline: Ester production application Fuel
26 Mashuri S.I.S., Ibrahim M.L., Kasim M.F., Mastuli M.S., Rashid U., Abdullah A.H., Islam A., Asikin-Mijan N., Tan Y.H., Mansir N., Kaus N.H.M., Hin T.-Y.Y. Photocatalysis for organic wastewater treatment: From the basis to current challenges for society Catalysts
27 Usman F., Dennis J.O., Mkawi E.M., Al-Hadeethi Y., Meriaudeau F., Fen Y.W., Sadrolhosseini A.R., Ferrell T.L., Alsadig A., Sulieman A. Acetone vapor-sensing properties of chitosan-polyethylene glycol using surface plasmon resonance technique Polymers
28 Mustafa M.N., Sulaiman Y. Optimization of titanium dioxide decorated by graphene quantum dot as a light scatterer for enhanced dye-sensitized solar cell performance Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
29 Daniyal W.M.E.M.M., Fen Y.W., Abdullah J., Hashim H.S., Fauzi N.‘.M., Chanlek N., Mahdi M.A. X-ray photoelectron study on gold/nanocrystalline cellulose-graphene oxide thin film as surface plasmon resonance active layer for metal ion detection Thin Solid Films
30 Man H.C., Abba M.U., Abdulsalam M., Azis R.S., Idris A.I., Hamzah M.H. Utilization of nano-tio2 as an influential additive for complementing separation performance of a hybrid pvdf-pvp hollow fiber: Boron removal from leachate Polymers
31 Mohamad N.A., Azis N., Jasni J., Ab. Kadir M.Z.A., Yunus R., Yaakub Z. Effect of surfactants on the lightning breakdown voltage of palm oil and coconut oil based Al2O3nanofluids Nanotechnology
32 Ravit R., Azman N.H.N., Kulandaivalu S., Abdullah J., Ahmad I., Sulaiman Y. Cauliflower-like poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythipohene)/nanocrystalline cellulose/manganese oxide ternary nanocomposite for supercapacitor Journal of Applied Polymer Science
33 Mohammed Modawe Alshik Edris N., Sulaiman Y. Ultrasensitive voltammetric detection of benzenediol isomers using reduced graphene oxide-azo dye decorated with gold nanoparticles Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
34 Lakin I.I., Abbas Z., Azis R.S., Alhaji I.A. Complex permittivity and electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness of opefb fiber-polylactic acid filled with reduced graphene oxide Materials
35 Azman P.N.M.A., Shamsudin R., Man H.C., Ya’acob M.E. Kinetics of quality changes in soaking water during the retting process of pepper berries (Piper nigrum L.) Processes
36 Azman P.N.M.A., Shamsudin R., Man H.C., Ya’acob M.E. Some physical properties and mass modelling of pepper berries (Piper nigrum l.), variety kuching, at different maturity levels Processes
37 Sohail S., Mumtaz M.W., Mukhtar H., Touqeer T., Anjum M.K., Rashid U., Ghani W.A.W.A.K., Choong T.S.Y. Spirogyra oil-based biodiesel: Response surface optimization of chemical and enzymatic transesterification and exhaust emission behavior Catalysts
38 Lau G.E., Abdullah C.A.C., Ahmad W.A.N.W., Assaw S., Zheng A.L.T. Eco-friendly photocatalysts for degradation of dyes Catalysts
39 Qassim H.M., Wan Hasan W.Z. A review on upper limb rehabilitation robots Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
40 Rosddi N.N.M., Fen Y.W., Anas N.A.A., Omar N.A.S., Ramdzan N.S.M., Mohd Daniyal W.M.E.M. Cationically modified nanocrystalline cellulose/carboxyl-functionalized graphene quantum dots nanocomposite thin film: Characterization and potential sensing application Crystals
41 Usman F., Dennis J.O., Meriaudeau F., Ahmed A.Y., Seong K.C., Fen Y.W., Sadrolhosseini A.R., Abdulkadir B.A., Ayinla R.T., Daniyal W.M.E.M.M., Omar N.A.S., Tamam N., Sulieman A. Dependence of the optical constant parameters of p-toluene sulfonic acid-doped polyaniline and its composites on dispersion solvents Molecules
42 Murthy A.S., Azis N., Jasni J., Othman M.L., Yousof M.F.M., Talib M.A. Effect of shield placement for transient voltage mitigation due to switching surges in a 33/11 kV transformer windings PLoS ONE
43 Rani E., Mohshim S.A., Yusof N.H., Ahmad M.Z., Goodacre R., Alang Ahmad S.A., Wong L.S. Sensitive and selective detection of DNA fragments associated with Ganoderma boninense by DNA-nanoparticle conjugate hybridisation Journal of Materials Science
44 Mohd Hapipi N., Miryala M., Chen S.K., Arvapalli S.S., Murakami M., Kechik M.M.A., Tan K.B., Lee O.J. Enhancement of critical current density for MgB2 prepared using carbon-encapsulated boron with co-addition of Dy2O3 and La2O3 Ceramics International
45 MadJin H.M., Hashim N., Isa I.M., Hussein M.Z., Bakar S.A., Mamat M., Ahmad R., Zainul R. Synthesis and characterisation of zinc hydroxides nitrates–sodium dodecyl sulphate fluazinam nano hosts for release properties Journal of Porous Materials
46 Yusof E.N.M., Page A.J., Sakoff J.A., Simone M.I., Veerakumarasivam A., Tiekink E.R.T., Ravoof T.B.S.A. Tin(IV) compounds of tridentate thiosemicarbazone Schiff bases: Synthesis, characterization, in-silico analysis and in vitro cytotoxicity Polyhedron
47 Sadrolhosseini A.R., Krishnan G., Safie S., Beygisangchin M., Rashid S.A., Harun S.W. Enhancement of the fluorescence property of carbon quantum dots based on laser ablated gold nanoparticles to evaluate pyrene Optical Materials Express
48 Misron N., Azhar N.S.K., Hamidon M.N., Aris I., Tashiro K., Nagata H. Effect of charging parameter on fruit battery-based oil palm maturity sensor Micromachines
49 Ismail E.I., Ahmad F., Shafie S., Yahaya H., Latif A.A., Muhammad F.D. Copper nanowires based mode-locker for soliton nanosecond pulse generation in erbium-doped fiber laser Results in Physics
50 Zaini M.S., Liew J.Y.C., Ahmad S.A.A., Mohmad A.R., Kamarudin M.A. Quantum confinement effect and photoenhancement of photoluminescence of PbS and PbS/MnS quantum dots Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
51 Silas K., Wan Ab Karim Ghani W.A., Choong T.S.Y., Rashid U. Monolith metal-oxide-supported catalysts: Sorbent for environmental application Catalysts
52 Lee H.K., Ng E.K., Lau K.Y., Mohd Yusoff N., Mahdi M.A., Ng S.P., Kamarudin M.A., Latif A.A., Osman N.H., Talib Z.A., Liew J.Y.C. Zinc selenide saturable absorber for ultrashort pulse fiber laser generation in C–band region Optical Materials
53 Chan K.F., Lim H.N., Ahmad H., Gowthaman N.S.K. Photovoltaic performance of bipyridine and dipyridophenazine ligands anchored ruthenium complex sensitizers for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells Solid State Sciences
54 Nordin N., Othman S.H., Rashid S.A., Basha R.K. Effects of glycerol and thymol on physical, mechanical, and thermal properties of corn starch films Food Hydrocolloids
55 Sharif S.N.M., Hashim N., Isa I.M., Bakar S.A., Saidin M.I., Ahmad M.S., Mamat M., Hussein M.Z. The influence of chitosan coating on the controlled release behaviour of zinc/aluminium-layered double hydroxide-quinclorac composite Materials Chemistry and Physics
56 Anas N.A.A., Fen Y.W., Yusof N.A., Omar N.A.S., Mohd Daniyal W.M.E.M., Ramdzan N.S.M. Highly sensitive surface plasmon resonance optical detection of ferric ion using CTAB/hydroxylated graphene quantum dots thin film Journal of Applied Physics
57 Kamaroddin M.F.A., Sabli N., Nia P.M., Abdullah T.A.T., Abdullah L.C., Izhar S., Ripin A., Ahmad A. Phosphoric acid doped composite proton exchange membrane for hydrogen production in medium-temperature copper chloride electrolysis International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
58 Mohanadas D., B.S.A. Ravoof T., Sulaiman Y. A fast switching electrochromic performance based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-reduced graphene oxide/metal-organic framework HKUST-1 Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
59 Buskaran K., Hussein M.Z., Moklas M.A.M., Fakurazi S. Morphological changes and cellular uptake of functionalized graphene oxide loaded with protocatechuic acid and folic acid in hepatocellular carcinoma cancer cell International Journal of Molecular Sciences
60 Jamaludin N., Tan T.L., Zaman A.S.K., Sadrolhosseini A.R., Rashid S.A. Acid-free hydrothermal-extraction and molecular structure of carbon quantum dots derived from empty fruit bunch biochar Materials
61 Saparuddin D.I., Zaid M.H.M., Ab Aziz S.H., Matori K.A. Reuse of eggshell waste and recycled glass in the fabrication porous glass-ceramics Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
62 Mustafa I.F., Hussein M.Z. Synthesis and technology of nanoemulsion-based pesticide formulation Nanomaterials
63 Murthy A.S., Azis N., Jasni J., Othman M.L., Yousof M.F.M., Talib M.A. Extraction of winding parameters for 33/11 kV, 30 MVA transformer based on finite element method for frequency response modelling PLoS ONE
64 Zaid M.H.M., Che-Engku-Chik C.E.N., Yusof N.A., Abdullah J., Othman S.S., Issa R., Md Noh M.F., Wasoh H. DNA electrochemical biosensor based on iron oxide/nanocellulose crystalline composite modified screen-printed carbon electrode for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Molecules
65 Aziz N.A.M., Hamid H.A., Yunus R., Abbas Z., Omar R., Rashid U., Syam A.M. Kinetics and thermodynamics of synthesis of palm oil-based trimethylolpropane triester using microwave irradiation Journal of Saudi Chemical Society
66 Ling C.K., Aung M.M., Abdullah L.C., Hong Ngee L., Uyama H. A short review of iodide salt usage and properties in dye sensitized solar cell application: Single vs binary salt system Solar Energy
67 Abdullah H.B., Irmawati R., Ismail I., Yusof N.A. Utilization of waste engine oil for carbon nanotube aerogel production using floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition Journal of Cleaner Production
68 Abdullah R.F., Rashid U., Taufiq-Yap Y.H., Ibrahim M.L., Ngamcharussrivichai C., Azam M. Synthesis of bifunctional nanocatalyst from waste palm kernel shell and its application for biodiesel production RSC Advances
69 Ismail S., Yusof N.A., Abdullah J., Abd Rahman S.F. Electrochemical detection of arsenite using a silica nanoparticles-modified screen-printed carbon electrode Materials
70 Wahab S.A.A., Matori K.A., Zaid M.H.M., Kechik M.M.A., Aziz S.H.A., Talib R.A., Azman A.Z.K., Khaidir R.E.M., Khiri M.Z.A., Effendy N. A study on optical properties of zinc silicate glass-ceramics as a host for green phosphor Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
71 Isha A., Yusof N.A., Shaari K., Osman R., Abdullah S.N.A., Wong M.-Y. Metabolites identification of oil palm roots infected with Ganoderma boninense using GC–MS-based metabolomics Arabian Journal of Chemistry
72 Wong S.T.S., Kamari A., Jaafar A.M., Hussein M.Z., Othman H., Abdullah H., Yusof N., Hashim N. Longer mosquito control using a sodium alginate–chitosan nanocarrier for cinnamaldehyde in larvicide formulations Environmental Chemistry Letters
73 Nordin N.A., Rahman N.A., Abdullah A.H. Effective Removal of Pb(II) Ions by Electrospun PAN/Sago Lignin-Based Activated Carbon Nanofibers Molecules
74 Mudri N.H., Abdullah L.C., Aung M.M., Salleh M.Z., Biak D.R.A., Rayung M. Comparative study of aromatic and cycloaliphatic isocyanate effects on physico-chemical properties of bio-based polyurethane acrylate coatings Polymers
75 Shofri M.F.S.M., Zaid M.H.M., Matori K.A., Fen Y.W., Yaakob Y., Jaafar S.H., Wahab S.A.A., Iwamoto Y. Phase transformation, optical and emission performance of zinc silicate glass-ceramics phosphor derived from the ZnO-B2O3-SLS glass system Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
76 Fauzi N.I.M., Fen Y.W., Omar N.A.S., Saleviter S., Daniyal W.M.E.M.M., Hashim H.S., Nasrullah M. Nanostructured chitosan/maghemite composites thin film for potential optical detection of mercury ion by surface plasmon resonance investigation Polymers
77 Kulandaivalu S., Azman N.H.N., Sulaiman Y. Advances in Layered Double Hydroxide/Carbon Nanocomposites Containing Ni2+ and Co2+/3+ for Supercapacitors Frontiers in Materials
78 Arul P., Gowthaman N.S.K., John S.A., Lim H.N., Lim H.N. Ultrasonic Assisted Synthesis of Size-Controlled Cu-Metal-Organic Framework Decorated Graphene Oxide Composite: Sustainable Electrocatalyst for the Trace-Level Determination of Nitrite in Environmental Water Samples ACS Omega
79 Soltani S., Khanian N., Choong T.S.Y., Rashid U. Recent progress in the design and synthesis of nanofibers with diverse synthetic methodologies: Characterization and potential applications New Journal of Chemistry
80 Kusnin N., Yusof N.A., Abdullah J., Sabri S., Mohammad F., Mustafa S., Ab Mutalib N.A., Sato S., Takenaka S., Parmin N.A., Al-Lohedan H.A. Electrochemical sensory detection of: Sus scrofa mtDNA for food adulteration using hybrid ferrocenylnaphthalene diimide intercalator as a hybridization indicator RSC Advances
81 Jalil N.A., Mohd Abdah M.A.A., Azman N.H.N., Sulaiman Y. Polyaniline and manganese oxide decorated on carbon nanofibers as a superior electrode material for supercapacitor Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
82 Sharif S.N.M., Hashim N., Isa I.M., Bakar S.A., Saidin M.I., Ahmad M.S., Mamat M., Hussein M.Z., Zainul R. The impact of a hygroscopic chitosan coating on the controlled release behaviour of zinc hydroxide nitrate-sodium dodecylsulphate-imidacloprid nanocomposites New Journal of Chemistry
83 Ibrahim I., Lim H.N., Huang N.M., Jiang Z.-T., Altarawneh M. Selective and sensitive visible-light-prompt photoelectrochemical sensor of Cu2+ based on CdS nanorods modified with Au and graphene quantum dots Journal of Hazardous Materials
84 Choo T.F., Salleh M.A.M., Kok K.Y., Matori K.A., Rashid S.A. Effect of temperature on morphology, phase transformations and thermal expansions of coal fly ash cenospheres Crystals
85 Deris N.H., Rashid U., Soltani S., Choong T.S.Y., Nehdi I.A. Study the effect of various sulfonation methods on catalytic activity of carbohydrate-derived catalysts for ester production Catalysts
86 Baby R., Hussein M.Z. Ecofriendly approach for treatment of heavy-metal-contaminated water using activated carbon of kernel shell of oil palm Materials
87 Ismail I., Ibrahim I.R., Matori K.A., Awang Z., Muhammad Zulkimi M.M., Mohd Idris F., Nazlan R., Azis R.S., Mohd Zaid M.H., Rusly S.N.A., Ertugrul M. Comparative study of single- and double-layer BaFe12O19-Graphite nanocomposites for electromagnetic wave absorber applications Materials Research Bulletin
88 Azman N.Z.M., Zainal P.N.S., Ahmad S.A.A. Enhancement the electrochemical conductivity of a modified reduced graphene oxide/calixarene screen-printed electrode using response surface methodology PLoS ONE
89 Asyiqin Anas N.A., Fen Y.W., Yusof N.A., Omar N.A.S., Md Ramdzan N.S., Mohd Daniyal W.M.E.M. Investigating the properties of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide/hydroxylated graphene quantum dots thin film for potential optical detection of heavy metal ions Materials
90 Shafiq F., Mumtaz M.W., Mukhtar H., Touqeer T., Raza S.A., Rashid U., Nehdi I.A., Choong T.S.Y. Response surface methodology approach for optimized biodiesel production from waste chicken fat oil Catalysts
91 Kamarudin N., Biak D.R.A., Abidin Z.Z., Cardona F., Sapuan S.M. Rheological study of phenol formaldehyde resole resin synthesized for laminate application Materials
92 Maluin F.N., Hussein M.Z., Yusof N.A., Idris A.S., Daim L.D.J., Sarian M.N., Rajab N.F., Ling S.E., Rashid N., Fakurazi S. Cytoprotection, genoprotection, and dermal exposure assessment of chitosan‐based agronanofungicides Pharmaceutics
93 Paiman S., Hui Ling T., Husham M., Sagadevan S. Significant effect on annealing temperature and enhancement on structural, optical and electrical properties of zinc oxide nanowires Results in Physics
94 Anuar M.F., Fen Y.W., Zaid M.H.M., Omar N.A.S., Khaidir R.E.M. Sintering temperature effect on structural and optical properties of heat treated coconut husk ash derived SiO2 mixed with ZnO nanoparticles Materials
95 Eddin F.B.K., Fen Y.W. The principle of nanomaterials based surface plasmon resonance biosensors and its potential for dopamine detection Molecules
96 Ramdzan N.S.M., Fen Y.W., Anas N.A.A., Omar N.A.S., Saleviter S. Development of Biopolymer and Conducting Polymer-Based Optical Sensors for Heavy Metal Ion Detection Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)
97 Tan T.L., Krusnamurthy P.A., Nakajima H., Rashid S.A. Adsorptive, kinetics and regeneration studies of fluoride removal from water using zirconium-based metal organic frameworks RSC Advances
98 Lee X.J., Lim H.N., Gowthaman N.S.K., Rahman M.B.A., Che Abdullah C.A., Muthoosamy K. In-situ surface functionalization of superparamagnetic reduced graphene oxide – Fe3O4 nanocomposite via Ganoderma lucidum extract for targeted cancer therapy application Applied Surface Science
99 Mohd Chachuli S.A., Hamidon M.N., Ertugrul M., Mamat M.S., Jaafar H., Aris N. Influence of B2O3 Addition on the Properties of TiO2 Thick Film at Various Annealing Temperatures for Hydrogen Sensing Journal of Electronic Materials
100 Akinfalabi S.-I., Rashid U., Ngamcharussrivichai C., Nehdi I.A. Synthesis of reusable biobased nano-catalyst from waste sugarcane bagasse for biodiesel production Environmental Technology and Innovation
101 Soltani S., Khanian N., Rashid U., Choong T.S.Y. Core-shell ZnO-TiO2 hollow spheres synthesized by in-situ hydrothermal method for ester production application Renewable Energy
102 Othman S.H., Najhah Tarmiti N.A., Shapi'i R.A., Mohd Zahiruddin S.M., Amin Tawakkal I.S.M., Basha R.K. Starch/banana pseudostem biocomposite films for potential food packaging applications BioResources
103 Sripadmanabhan Indira S., Vaithilingam C.A., Chong K.-K., Saidur R., Faizal M., Abubakar S., Paiman S. A review on various configurations of hybrid concentrator photovoltaic and thermoelectric generator system Solar Energy
104 Soltani S., Khanian N., Rashid U., Yaw Choong T.S. Fundamentals and recent progress relating to the fabrication, functionalization and characterization of mesostructured materials using diverse synthetic methodologies RSC Advances
105 Maluin F.N., Hussein M.Z., Azah Yusof N., Fakurazi S., Idris A.S., Zainol Hilmi N.H., Jeffery Daim L.D. Chitosan-Based Agronanofungicides as a Sustainable Alternative in the Basal Stem Rot Disease Management Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
106 Sadrolhosseini A.R., Nia P.M., Naseri M., Mohammadi A., Fen Y.W., Shafie S., Kamari H.M. Surface plasmon resonance sensor based on polypyrrole-chitosan-BaFe2O4 nanocomposite layer to detect the sugar Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
107 Maluin F.N., Hussein M.Z., Yusof N.A., Fakurazi S., Idris A.S., Zainol Hilmi N.H., Daim L.D.J. Phytotoxicity of chitosan-based agronanofungicides in the vegetative growth of oil palm seedling PLoS ONE
108 Malekbala M.R., Soltani S., Rashid S.A., Abdullah L.C., Rashid U., Nehdi I.A., Yaw Choong T.S., Teo S.H. Optimization the process of chemically modified carbon nanofiber coated monolith via response surface methodology for CO2 capture Materials
109 Kader Sabbagh H.A., Hussein-Al-Ali S.H., Hussein M.Z., Abudayeh Z., Ayoub R., Abudoleh S.M. A statistical study on the development of metronidazole-chitosan-alginate nanocomposite formulation using the full factorial design Polymers
110 Soltani S., Shojaei T.R., Khanian N., Yaw Choong T.S., Rashid U., Nehdi I.A., Yusoff R.B. The implementation of artificial neural networks for the multivariable optimization of mesoporous NiO nanocrystalline: Biodiesel application RSC Advances
111 Kulandaivalu S., Mohd Azahari M.N., Azman N.H.N., Sulaiman Y. Ultrahigh specific energy of layer by layer polypyrrole/graphene oxide/multi-walled carbon nanotube| polypyrrole/manganese oxide composite for supercapacitor Journal of Energy Storage
112 Sharif S.N.M., Hashim N., Isa I.M., Bakar S.A., Saidin M.I., Ahmad M.S., Mamat M., Hussein M.Z. Surfactant-assisted imidacloprid intercalation of layered zinc hydroxide nitrate: synthesis, characterisation and controlled release formulation Journal of Porous Materials
113 Ismail S., Yusof N.A., Abdullah J., Abd Rahman S.F. Development of Electrochemical Sensor Based on Silica/Gold Nanoparticles Modified Electrode for Detection of Arsenite IEEE Sensors Journal
114 Kanwal I., Mujahid A., Rasool N., Rizwan K., Malik A., Ahmad G., Shah S.A.A., Rashid U., Nasir N.M. Palladium and copper catalyzed Sonogashira cross coupling has been an excellent methodology for C-C bond formation for 17 years: A review Catalysts
115 Hashim H.S., Fen Y.W., Sheh Omar N.A., Abdullah J., Mustaqim Mohd Daniyal W.M.E., Saleviter S. Detection of phenol by incorporation of gold modified-enzyme based graphene oxide thin film with surface plasmon resonance technique Optics Express
116 Ismail A.H., Mohd Yahya N.A., Mahdi M.A., Yaacob M.H., Sulaiman Y. Gasochromic response of optical sensing platform integrated with polyaniline and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) exposed to NH3 gas Polymer
117 Choo T.F., Salleh M.A.M., Kok K.Y., Matori K.A., Rashid S.A. Characterization of high-temperature hierarchical porous mullite washcoat synthesized using aluminum dross and coal fly ash Crystals
118 Kulandaivalu S., Sulaiman Y. Rational design of layer-by-layer assembled polypyrrole-based nanocomposite film for high-performance supercapacitor Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
119 Omar N.A.S., Fen Y.W., Abdullah J., Sadrolhosseini A.R., Kamil Y.M., Fauzi N.I.M., Hashim H.S., Mahdi M.A. Quantitative and selective surface plasmon resonance response based on a reduced graphene oxide–polyamidoamine nanocomposite for detection of dengue virus E-proteins Nanomaterials
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