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Symposium on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, formerly known as Workshop on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (WAMN) is one of ITMA's annual activities which was initiated since 2003. This program is one of the efforts to promote and strengthen ITMA as the institute of excellence in research focusing on advanced materials and nanotechnology.


Through the organization of this symposium, ITMA has managed to bring some local and foreign experts to share knowledge and results of their latest research. SAMN2017 is expected to spark new ideas or expand existing research to help realize the vision of a world-class institute in the field of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. In addition, this program can also help to improve the knowledge and expertise of the laboratory staff in relevant areas and increase the quality of services provided in the future.


Each series of the previous event raised various themes relevant to the field of advanced materials and nanotechnology. For SAMN2017, the theme “Functional Nano-structured Materials and Devices” has been chosen as the potential for research in this field is very high in empowering the field of nanotechnology in advanced materials and electronics application such as sensor development.

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Updated:: 27/11/2020 [nursyahirah]