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Achieving Excellence in Research Publications Seminar

SERDANG, May 2022- A seminar entitled Achieving Excellence in Research Publications was held on 13th May 2022 online. The objectives of the seminar were to give exposure on how to choose a suitable publishing platform relatable to the written manuscript, tips, techniques, and style of scientific writing. The seminar also discussed on systematic, efficient, and high-impact writing methods to attract publishers and audiences that intangibly will increase the manuscript’s citations.

Scientific writing and publishing are important elements in the dissemination of research findings and knowledge. There is a significant increase in the journal publications each year and sparked a healthy competition among researchers to produce high-quality and impactful publications. Thus, to produce a high-quality manuscript, it depended on the precision of contents, sufficient data, and in-depth discussion. However, there is also a need to carefully choose the right publication platform and style of writings suitable for the targeted audience. Another important thing is a smooth flow of content and precise words used in the manuscript to ensure the gist of information were conveyed effectively to the audience.

The seminar started at 10.30 am until 12.30 pm and was attended by 117 participants consisting of students and researchers from UPM and outside UPM. Dr. Umer Rashid, Senior Research Fellow of ION2 was invited as the speaker and Mrs. Juraina Md Yusof, Research Officer of ION2 acted as the moderator for the session.

The seminar organized by Nanomaterial Processing and Technology (NPTL), ION2 gained massive support and responses from the participants. After the seminar, a total of 65% of participants understood the requirements for scientific writing, 62% knew how to organize the writing style systematically, 60% knew how to discuss their results convincingly and 60% confident to publish in a reputable journal. 

The NPTL, ION2 hopes this seminar benefitted all attended participants for them to be able to produce high-quality manuscripts that can be published in the impactful journal.


Reported by,

Juraina Md Yusof
Research Officer, ION2

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