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ITMA Creates Success in its 20 years of Establishment

By: Azman Zakaria

Photo by: Saleha Haron


SERDANG, Dec 5: Director of the Research Management Centre, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hamiruce Marhaban, hopes the Institute of Advanced Technology (ITMA), established 20 years ago, continues its outstanding achievements.

He hopes ITMA will continue to advance and give meaningful contribution to UPM.

“In the last 20 years of its establishment, ITMA has contributed significantly both directly and indirectly to the success of UPM. These contributions were in the form of publications, grants, graduates, conferences, networking with other institutions through Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and product commercialisation.

“Despite having undergone restructuring, ITMA still stands firm and drives success owing to the efforts and strong cooperation from researchers, staff and students”, he said while representing the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Prof. Dr. Zulkifli Idrus to officiate the ITMA Open Day here. 

Among ITMA’s success was obtaining the RM28 million grant under the Intensification of Research in Priority Area (IRPA) by MOSTI for compressed natural gas direct injection (CNGDI) projects led by Prof. Ir. Dr Barkawi Sahari.

ITMA has also succeeded in securing the LRGS grant worth RM5 million led by Prof. Dr. Robiah Yunus, and also the LRGS-Nanomite grant worth RM5 million led by Prof. Dr. Nor Azah Yusof.

He said that ITMA is active in promoting international research networking efforts and student mobility such as with Turkey university, and securing MoU with several other universities in Japan, China, Iran and Nigeria.

ITMA Director, Prof. Dr. Mohd Nizar Hamidon, said that the Open Day celebrates 20 years of ITMA’s establishment and is aimed to showcase history of the organisation to the UPM community, ITMA alumni and the public since its establishment in 1999.

He said that ITMA researchers have produced over 2,500 journal manuscripts cumulatively in which 1,800 are Scopus indexed journal manuscripts.

He added that the total grant amounts to RM85,162,585, and ITMA has been successful in maintaining an average of RM1 million worth of grant each year.

He also said that ITMA has successfully produced 278 postgraduate students, including Master’s and PhD, and has 125 students who are still studying, whereas the number of patents filed each year is an average of five.

“All these achievements would be impossible without the high commitment and cooperation from every researcher and staff at ITMA”, he said. He hoped that everyone would continue to support and help ITMA become a world-class institution.

At the event, ITMA Research Fellow, Prof. Dr. Mohd Zobir Hussein, received the ITMA Jasa Setia Award and a plaque and a certificate of recognition from Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hamiruce - UPM

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