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Preparation, Characterization and Application of MIP as Sensing Material

SERDANG, July 2022 - Functional Nanotechnology Device Laboratory (FNDL), Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ION2) has organized a two-day workshop entitled "Preparation, Characterization, and Application of MIP As Sensing Material" on 26 and 27 July 2022 at the ION2 Seminar Hall and Faculty of Science. This program aims to introduce the technology of molecular imprinted polymer (MIP) which is a mimic technology that has the ability to imitate the ability of enzymes and antibodies and has a high identification of target molecules. This MIP technology has many advantages to be used as a detection or sensing material such as having high mechanical and chemical stability and can be widely applied in the sensor industry.

Realizing the extensive research potential of this technology, FNDL has organized the first workshop of this series to introduce the technology and demonstrate suitable techniques for fabrication in a hands-on session during the workshop. Prof. Dr. Nor Azah Yusof who is a professor at the Faculty of Science and an ION2 Associate Researcher gave a lecture on the theory of MIP technology, followed by a practical session or "hands-on" in the preparation of MIP and the application of the technology.

This workshop was attended by researchers from UPM and from outside UPM such as from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Universiti Kuala Lumpur British Malaysian Institute (UniKL BMI), and the Institute of Medical Research (IMR) under the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM). Participants have given positive feedback on the organization of this workshop and hope that this workshop can be organized again in the future.



Reported by,
Ts. Dr. Intan Helina Hasan
Research Officer, FNDL

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